Precise Demand Planning

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Distributors can optimize their distribution centers by reducing forecast error with TrackStock's item usage data from the point-of-use

When distributors replenish customer stockroom and truck inventory with TrackStock, they get actual usage data from the customer that allows them to optimize their distribution centers.

TrackStock tracks your customers' average daily usage, and uses it to calculate what product will be ordered in what quantity on what date

The TrackStock Precise Demand PlanningĀ® Feature can tell distributors what customers will order what product in what quantity on what date. Can your demand planning software tell you that? Not likely. That is because traditional demand planning software just aggregates past orders and makes assumptions about future demand, a process that is prone to error. TrackStock tracks what items are being used in real-time at the point-of-use.Ā 

Key Benefits:

Identify and eliminate forecast error

Receive TrackStock PDP information electronically on a schedule via web service or EDI

After only 45 days of using TrackStock for replenishment, distributors can get actual demand information

Move from "just-in-case" overstocking to "just-in-time" optimal stocking of inventory


Distributors are able to know what products will be ordered in what quantity on what date if they have data like the following from the customers' point-of-use:

  • Quantity on Hand
  • Minimum Stock Levels
  • Maximum Stock Levels
  • Average Daily Usage

The good news? TrackStock provides this.

If a distributor has the top 20% or so of their customers who account for around 80% of their revenue, after just 45 days of using TrackStock, they will have sufficient data to generate reports about actual customer demand at the point-of-use. Distributors can feed this actual demand data to their ERP demand planning software to optimize distribution center inventories.

See this feature in action

See this feature in action