Quotes & Punchout

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TrackStock offers multiple ways to create quotes or to use punchout in your order process

Replenish with orders only

A distributor’s end-customer can set up TrackStock so that when they scan-to-order, scan-to-count, or scan-to-use items and on-hand quantities fall below minimum levels, an order will be sent digitally through TrackStock to the distributor. 

Replenish with quotes only 

Alternatively, an end-customer can be set up to always send the items to be replenished as a quote to the distributor.  The distributor takes the quote request and responds directly to their customer who decides what if any of the items will be ordered.

Replenish with a quote to the end-customer's punchout system

An additional choice is for the distributor to take the items their end-customer has sent them to be quoted and send the quote back to their end-customer’s punchout system to be routed through the end-customer’s procurement process.

Replenish with orders but have the ability to ask for quotes when you need them

Lastly, a distributor’s end-customer can set up TrackStock to always send orders to the distributor, but also enable the customer to ask for items to be quotes occasionally.  The end-customer can click on the quote feature, add those items from the stockroom to the quote and then submit the request for quote.  Quotes can be for items from the primary distributor or from another of the end-customers' suppliers. 


See this feature in action

See this feature in action