Being able to use a single part number to order or pull multiple items at one time is a great productivity tool. eTurns Kitting Module lets you build simple kits to stock in inventory. If a user needs more advanced kit building, eTurns tells him/her exactly how many of any kit he/she can build right now with the quantities of individual items in inventory. A user can also use min/maxs to replenish kits. If the suppliers from whom he/she orders kits cannot accept kit part numbers when replenishing, eTurns will send him/her the individual part numbers that make up the kit. In whatever way you need to manage and build kits, eTurns can help you make it simple.

Capabilities within the Kitting Module:

  • Use WIP (work in process) to monitor the items needed to build kits
  • See how many kits can be built based on the kit’s components using only the quantities of items in general inventory
  • Use min/max to maintain inventory of kits
  • Create suggested orders of components to permit building of kits when on-hand kit quantity falls below minimum
  • Order kits from suppliers using a kit part # or its component parts and quantities