Users can schedule any of eTurns TrackStock’s 60 standard reports or any customized reports to be sent to a list of emails based on any schedule. Trigger email alerts with events such as sending an order to supplier, having on-hand quantity fall below a minimum, or having assets or tools that needs maintaining.

Capabilities within the Email Alerts Module:

  • Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly email alerts
  • Send data since last report
  • Send data since X number of days ago
  • Select combinations of suppliers
  • Attach reports in PDF or Excel format
  • Send empty "heartbeat" email to confirm alert is working 
  • Hide header so that in Excel you don't have merged cells. This makes for quick sorting
  • Add an optional signature line
  • Use five separate sorting values
  • Send alerts to multiple email addresses
  • Use text editor for formatting email body