eTurns offers multiple techniques to replenish storeroom inventories:

  • VMI/CMI ordering:  TrackStock automates replenishment by using a phone or tablet to scan barcodes of those items to digitize the PO and send it to any distributor for replenishment. These items go to the cart where they are separated into orders by supplier and blanket order numbers.


  • Consignment Inventory:  eTurns tracks consumption which triggers replenishment as well as an invoice.


  • Optimized Inventory: If a user wants to optimize his/her customer-owned inventories he/she sets min/maxs within eTurns TrackStock. As material is consumed, TrackStock’s trending feature assists him/her in tuning the min/maxs to reduce standing inventory and eliminate stockouts. Orders are sent to the eTurns cloud and then on to appropriate distributors to fulfill. Orders may be changed up to the time that the distributor has shipped any material.


Capabilities within the Replenish Module:

  • Make VMI/CMI ordering more productive using phones or tablets to scan barcodes or QR codes
  • Using min/max, suggested orders are created automatically
  • Send orders automatically based on user-set schedule
  • Use eVMI sensors to get real-time visibility and auto-replenish 
  • Receive orders through APIs/Web-services/EDI/XML/flat file integration or emails
  • Allow change orders