The User Permission Module is very powerful. Using only checkboxes, the administrative user can setup a number of roles to which he/she assigns various users. Each user can even then have his/her individual settings differ from the role to which they were assigned. Some users should have view only capabilities because they only want reports. Other users should have edit capabilities to some transaction modules, while other users should have full access to all of eTurns’ capabilities. The administrator has the authority to set these permissions.

Capabilities within User Configurations:

  • Search for any string of data in a grid
  • Narrow search by many categories
  • Multi-column sort
  • Show/hide any column
  • Reorder columns
  • Resize columns
  • Set permissions at the role and user levels to view, insert, edit, delete
  • Change size of font
  • Change terminology for any word/phrase across a company
  • Multiple language
  • View change log for all updates
  • Use up to 5 User Defined Fields for any transaction/item/tool/asset/order/pull