Optimize point-of-use inventories using analytics


eTurns TrackStock Optimize includes all the benefits of TrackStock Replenish and TrackStock Manage plus the ability to use our Min/Max Tuning Dashboard Analytics to optimize inventory levels which saves cash and eliminates stockouts

Get analytics to optimize inventories and pinpoint where you can save cash

  • Records usage, guides you in setting min/max levels based on that usage, triggers orders when the minimum is breached
  • Min/Max Tuning Dashboard optimizes your min/max levels and tells you how much cash can be taken out of inventory for one time savings and annual saving from reduced inventory carrying costs


Use TrackStock SensorBins™ for fully automated no-touch replenishment

  • SensorBins converts bin weights to quantity to allow complete physical inventory counts multiple times a day with no human intervention
  • SensorBins determine the current quantity on hand of each item and compare that to the minimum to create a suggested order if necessary
  • Can be used to calculate consigned usage, eliminating the need for distributors to count material onsite


Use RFID to automate Kanban 2-bin replenishment

  • When the front bin is emptied of the last item, pass the bin by our RFID reader and eTurns will trigger a replenishment order


Optimize consigned inventory with ease

  • Captures all usage transactions, allowing the distributor to invoice accurately and provides the same set of data for reconciliation
  • Tells distributors exactly how much of each item to stock based on customer usage, which allows them to invest only what is necessary on each consigned customer


Manage kitting and subassemblies

  • Know exactly how many of any kit can be built with the components in inventory
  • Manage component on-hand quantity, serial numbers, work-in-process and completed kit inventory

All the benefits of TrackStock Manage, plus:

Reduce inventory

Reduce inventory levels up to 73% through optimization

Project spend limits

Control costs with project spend limits

Save on carrying costs

Reducing inventory means saving annually on inventory carrying costs


Min/Max Tuning analytics show potential cash savings if inventory is reduced to match usage