Track usage and optimize stockroom inventory

eTurns TrackStock Optimize includes all the features of TrackStock Manage, plus additional capabilities such as the Min/Max Tuning Dashboard for optimizing inventory levels, and SensorBins for tracking inventory usage 24/7.  

Let us show you how to optimize your POU inventory.

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Optimize your onsite inventory efficiently with these key features:

SensorBins for IoT inventory 

TrackStock SensorBins are weight sensors that can provide real-time on-hand quantity with a click. They can do multiple physical inventory counts per day with no labor costs and automate replenishment. SensorBins are useful for extending a distributor's salesforce by monitoring remote customers' inventory. 

Min/Max Tuning Dashboard

TrackStock guides you in setting optimal min/max settings based on your usage. When a minimum is breached, our app automatically places an order to keep your business running. Plus, the dashboard displays how much money you could save by optimizing inventory levels while avoiding stockouts. 

RFID for Digital Kanban 

Easily automate Kanban 2-bin replenishment. When the tagged front bin is emptied of the last item, just pass the bin by our RFID reader. TrackStock will trigger a replenishment order.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting  

TrackStock Optimize offers over 80 reports that can be customized, scheduled and sent as email alerts. Use our interactive dashboard to learn about stock status and transactions needing attention. Let our Min/Max Tuning Dashboard calculate for you how much money you can save from optimized inventory and annual carrying costs.

Tool Crib Management 

Track expensive, serialized tools as well as multiples of the same inexpensive tool. Receive email alerts when tools are due for calibration. Know who last checked out an item.

Kitting and Subassembly 

Use a single part number to order or pull multiple items to build a kit. Know how many kits you could build with current inventory. Manage sub-assemblies that require serial numbers. 

Asset Maintenance Tracking 

Track the assets you own and when they are scheduled for maintenance. Optimize the inventory of all the MRO items needed to maintain your asset. Get email alerts when maintenance is due. 

Precise Demand Planning 

If distributors use TrackStock to replenish their top customers who bring in most of their revenue, eTurns can deliver unique Precise Demand Planning data to amplify their current demand planning software. TrackStock will provide precisely what products will be ordered on what date in what quantity. 

All the benefits of TrackStock Manage, plus:

Reduce inventory

Reduce inventory levels up to 73% through optimization

Project spend limits

Control costs with project spend limits

Save on carrying costs

Reducing inventory means saving annually on inventory carrying costs


Min/Max Tuning analytics show potential cash savings if inventory is reduced to match usage