Wireless Mobile Cart Inventory Management 


Wireless Mobile Cart Inventory Management

Automate the replenishment of inventory on-the-go with IoT weight sensors on a mobile cart

Whether you are a manufacturer with multiple workstations or a distributor supplying parts to a contractor on a multi-story construction site, eTurns can help you manage that point-of-use inventory on a wireless mobile cart with IoT weight sensors. Manufacturers and contractors who need to move parts to different points-of-use in the course of a day’s work can do so and still prevent stock outs as well as automate replenishment with eTurns Wireless Mobile Cart Inventory Management.


Here's how it works:
  • eTurns puts eVMI IoT weight sensors under bins of parts that reside on battery-operated wireless mobile carts.
  • eTurns TrackStock software converts the weight of the material in a bin to quantity and compares it to a customer-defined minimum and recommends replenishment if needed.


Eliminate stockouts by monitoring usage with no labor costs

Optimize inventory by adjusting min/max after trending usage

24/7/365 visibility and monitoring from any browser

Perform complete physical inventory before making a replenishment run

Removes human error

Reorder automatically

Reduce procurement costs up to 90% by automating replenishment

Distributors report over 30% revenue increase with customers who use eTurns

Reduce inventory levels and carrying costs by over 73%

Use consignment

Drive increasing levels of efficiency with powerful dashboard analytics and alerts

Get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction

Modules included within eTurns Wireless Mobile Cart Solution: